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Corpus callosum microstructure is associated with motor function in preschool children

Melody Grohs, Jessica Reynolds, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

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The development of brain white matter microstructure

Catherine Lebel , Sean Deoni

NeuroImage, Available online 3 January 2018

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Sensorimotor network alterations in children and youth with prenatal alcohol exposure

Xiangyu Long, Graham Little, Christian Beaulieu, Catherine Lebel

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Brain white matter structure and language ability in preschool-aged children

Matthew Walton, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

Brain and Language. Available online 10 November 2017

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A comparison of inhomogeneous magnetization transfer, myelin volume fraction, and diffusion tensor imaging measures in healthy children

Bryce L. Geeraert, Marc Lebel, Alyssa C. Mah, Sean C. Deonie, David C. Alsop, Gopal Varma, Catherine Lebel

​Neuroimage. Available online 12 September 2017

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A review of diffusion MRI of typical white matter development from early childhood to young adulthood

Catherine Lebel, Sarah Treit, Christian Beaulieu

NMR in Biomedicine. Available online 08 September 2017

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Detailing neuroanatomical development in late childhood and early adolescence using NODDI

Alyssa Mah, Bryce L. Geeraert, Catherine Lebel

PLoS ONE, Available online 17 August 2017

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Age-related functional brain changes in young children

Long Xiangyu, ​Benischek Alina, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

​Neuroimage. Available online 28 April 2017

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Brain metabolite levels and language abilities in preschool children

Catherine Lebel, Frank P. MacMaster, Deborah Dewey

Brain and Behavior, Available online 01 August 2016

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Pre- and post-partum maternal depressive symptoms are related to children’s brain structure in preschool

Catherine Lebel, Matthew Walton, Nicole Letourneau, Gerald F. Giesbrecht, Bonnie J. Kaplan, Deborah Dewey

Biological Psychiatry, Available online 15 December 2015

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