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FASD Success Show Short – New Research with Dr. Catherine Lebel

Listen to the Podcast featuring Dr. Lebel here:

PDCP -12 Month MRI Scanning

Back in 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lab collaborated with two other labs to launch a study that catered towards individuals who were pregnant during this time period. As a sub-study off the main project, we started exploring the brains of the babies involved through Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our initial age group was around the 3 month mark and we have now began scanning 12 month olds. We are excited to continue to journey with these infants as we investigate their development over the years!

Brain Canada Mental Health Research Program

Take a look at how our very own, Dr. Catherine Lebel, uses technology to advance postpartum mental health and child brain development initiatives.

FASD Awareness Day

September 9th was FASD awareness day. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a brain-based disorder that is very common. It is estimated to affect 4% of Canadians. People with FASD may face a variety of learning, behaviour, and mental health challenges throughout their lives. With the right supports, people with FASD can be very successful.

Our lab works hard to better udnerstand the brain basis of FASD and its links with mental health. Yesterday, we walked in support of FASD Awareness Day.

Check out our projects, or learn more about participating in our research.

Hiring a Research Coordinator

We are hiring a research coordinator! Looking for someone who is keen on working with children and families to oversee multiple research projects in the lab related to brain development, mental health, and reading. This is a full time position renewable annually. Apply here:

Outdoor Lab Gathering

We were so delighted to finally be able to see each other in person since the COVID restrictions were set in place. Here is a photo from our first lab outdoor gathering since last year!