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How much is too much? New evidence associating low levels of prenatal alcohol exposure with brain differences in children

Catherine Lebel, Xiangyu Long

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The effects of prenatal bisphenol A exposure on brain volume of children and young mice

Jing Zheng, Jess Reynolds, Madison Long, Curtis Ostertag, Tyler Pollock, Max Hamilton, Jeff F. Dunn, Jiaying Liu, Jonathan W. Martin, Melody Grohs, Bennett Landman, Yuankai Huo, Deborah Dewey, Deborah Kurrasch, Catherine Lebel

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Multimodal brain features at 3 years of age and their relationship with pre-reading measures 1 year later

Kathryn Manning, Jess Reynolds, Xiangyu Long, Alberto Llera, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

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Brain volume and magnetic susceptibility differences in children and adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure

Daphne Nakhid, Carly McMorris, Hongfu Sun, William Benton Gibbard, Christina Tortorelli, Catherine Lebel

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Frontoparietal and temporal white matter diffusion MRI in children and youth with prenatal alcohol exposure

María José C. Gómez, Christian Beaulieu, Carly A Mcmorris, Ben Gibbard, Christina Tortorelli, Catherine Lebel,

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Structural brain network lateralization across childhood and adolescence

Brandon T. Craig, Bryce Geeraert, Eli Kinney-Lang, Alicia J. Hilderley, Keith O. Yeates, Adam Kirton, Melanie Noel, Frank P. MacMaster, Signe Bray, Karen M. Barlow, Brian L. Brooks, Catherine Lebel, Helen L. Carlson

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The longitudinal relationship between BOLD signal variability changes and white matter maturation during early childhood

Hongye Wang, Amirhossein Ghaderi, Xiangyu Long, Jess  E. Reynolds, Catherine Lebel, Andrea  B. Protzner

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Altered gray matter development in pre-reading children with a family history of reading disorder

Curtis Ostertag, Jess E. Reynolds, Deborah Dewey, Bennett Landman, Yuankai Huo, Catherine Lebel

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Associations between breastfeeding during infancy and white matter microstructure in young children

Preeti Kar, Jess E. Reynolds, Melody N. Grohs, Rhonda C. Bell, Megan Jarman, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

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White matter alterations in young children with prenatal alcohol exposure

Preeti Kar, Jess E. Reynolds, Melody N. Grohs, Ben Gibbard, Carly McMorris, Christina Tortorelli, Catherine Lebel

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