Participate Use of Different Techniques to Prepare Children for MRI Scans

We are examining the effectiveness of different preparation techniques on children's stress level during MRI scans. We are currently recruiting children referred for Clinical MRI at the Alberta Children's Hospital.


​Magnetic resonance procedures are very useful in the diagnostic of several pathologies. However, they demand that the patient remains still for several minutes. For young children, this can be a stressful and scary experience, making less likely to comply to the procedures. To ensure successful scanning some children are often sedated or given general anesthesia.

This research study aims to investigate alternatives to the use of general anesthesia, given its cost and the associated risks. We compare the use of different preparation techniques to reduce the stress and anxiety levels, of children undergoing diagnostic magnetic resonance procedures.

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Research Objectives

  1. Determine whether pre-scan training allows children to have successful diagnostic MRI scans without GA.
  2. Examine if different types of pre-scan training have differential effects on reducing the anxiety and stress related to diagnostic MRI in children and their parents.
  3. Identify factors that are the best predictors of scan success.
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