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Developmental trajectories of white matter structure in children with and without reading impairments

Catherine Lebel, Alina Benischek, Bryce Geeraert, John Holanhan, Sally Shaywitz, Kirran Bakhshi, Bennett Shaywitz

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Characterizing adverse prenatal and postnatal experiences in children

Catherine A. Lebel , Carly A. McMorris , Preeti Kar , Chantel Ritter , Quinn Andre , Christina Tortorelli , W. Ben Gibbard

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Factors associated with successful MRI scanning in unsedated young children

Camilia Thieba, Ashley Frayne, Matt Walton, Alyssa Mah, Alina Benischek , Deborah Dewey , Catherine Lebel

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Prenatal maternal anxiety and children’s brain structure and function: a systematic review of neuroimaging studies

Bri Adamson, Nicole Letourneau, Catherine Lebel

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Young children in different linguistic environments: A multimodal neuroimaging study of the inferior frontal gyrus

Camilia Thieba, Xiangyu Long, Deborah Dewey , Catherine Lebel

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Corpus callosum microstructure is associated with motor function in preschool children

Melody Grohs, Jessica Reynolds, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

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The development of brain white matter microstructure

Catherine Lebel , Sean Deoni

NeuroImage, Available online 3 January 2018

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Sensorimotor network alterations in children and youth with prenatal alcohol exposure

Xiangyu Long, Graham Little, Christian Beaulieu, Catherine Lebel

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Brain white matter structure and language ability in preschool-aged children

Matthew Walton, Deborah Dewey, Catherine Lebel

Brain and Language. Available online 10 November 2017

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A comparison of inhomogeneous magnetization transfer, myelin volume fraction, and diffusion tensor imaging measures in healthy children

Bryce L. Geeraert, Marc Lebel, Alyssa C. Mah, Sean C. Deonie, David C. Alsop, Gopal Varma, Catherine Lebel

​Neuroimage. Available online 12 September 2017

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