March 3, 2020 Uncategorized Catherine Lebel The FASD Success Show- With Jeff Noble and Guest Dr. Lebel!!

Dr. Lebel was a guest on Jeff Noble’s FASD success show where they chatted about brain development and how the brains of neuro-typical individuals may be different from those who have experienced prenatal alcohol exposure.  

They dove right into the following questions,

-Is it necessary, important or even helpful to get an MRI for an individual with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?
-Can the FASD brain grow?
-Can you re-write an FASD brain like you can with other brain injuries?
-Is there a catch up period in development with individuals with FASD?
-Is there any good research about supplements helping the FASD brain?
-Do therapy’s like neuro-feedback have any noticeable and long term effects?

Click the link below for the full episode!